Reconnecting with Tribal Ancestry

Bureau of Indian Affairs

The Indian Affairs offers an extensive scope of programs that covers the entire range of federal, state and local government services. Programs administered by either Tribes or Indian Affairs through the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) include an education system, social services, natural resources management on trust lands, economic development, law enforcement and detention services, administration of tribal courts, implementation of land and water claim settlements, housing improvement, disaster relief, replacement and repair of schools, repair and maintenance of roads, bridges, dams and irrigation.

Tribal STAR Book List

Tribal STAR’s reference list of books related to Native American Foster Youth and people that work with Native American Foster Youth.

American Indian Early Childhood Education

This webpage provides a description of early childhood education projects for American Indians, which are designed to assist with reading-language arts, math, and self-esteem for American Indian children in prekindergarten through grade four.

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