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NAPSA Certificate Program

The Adult Protective Services Workforce Innovations (APSWI) Program has received generous funding from the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to coordinate and provide a limited number of National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA) Certificates to APS professionals in the Southern California counties of Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego. APSWI is serving as the liaison for the NAPSA Certificate program and will be the direct contact for all Southern CA Counties participating in the NAPSA Certificate Program. To register for one of these CDSS-funded NAPSA Certificate slots, please talk with your county training coordinator.

Why should APS professionals participate in the NAPSA certificate program? Read some of the benefits APS professionals can experience after obtaining the NAPSA certificate in this flyer titled  “All About the NAPSA Certificate Program”

Eligible APS professionals who are interested in participating in the program can use the guides and follow the steps below they must take if interested in applying to the CDSS-funded NAPSA Certificate Program. View the “NAPSA Certificate Important Date” for FY 24-25 flyer here. 

APS Professionals outside of California who are interested in participating in the NAPSA Certificate Program, please visit the NAPSA website and follow the instructions listed on their site.

Steps to Apply for the NAPSA Certificate (additional details and required documents for each step are outlined following Steps 1-3)

Step 1: Complete NAPSA Certificate Application and Employment Verification Form and Send Them to APSWI

NAPSA Program Certificate

NAPSA Certificate Application

  • Begin the process by registering for the APSWI NAPSA Certificate Program through your county training coordinator
  • Complete page 1 of the NAPSA Certificate Application and date your application July 1, 2022.
    • Applicants receive training credit for NAPSA Modules that have been successfully completed up to two years prior to the application date.
  • Complete the Employment Verification Form and submit to Supervisor for signature and approval.
  • Submit completed NAPSA Application and employment verification form to APSWI’s NAPSA Certificate Program Coordinator, Jennifer Ovalle at jovalle@sdsu.edu

Form Instructions

Click on the Fill and Sign tool in the PDF version. (Note: When in the Fill and Sign mode, click on the arrow at the bottom of the first page to access the second page.)

Step 2: Complete Training and Obtain Transcripts

NAPSA Core Competencies Course Title Alignment

  • Complete a training for each of the 23 Core Competencies.
    • To register for an APSWI eLearning, please submit a ticket to the LMS Help Desk. Please be sure to include the following:
      • Your name
      • Professional email address
      • Your county
      • Your department (APS) primary job assignment (line worker, supervisor, manager)
      • Your supervisor’s name and email address

Note: If additional guidance is needed on how to submit a ticket to the LMS Help Desk via the Zoho ticketing system, please click on the following links: Zoho Overview and Submitting a ticket.

    • If you need to complete more than one eLearning to receive the NAPSA Certificate, provide a list of 2-3 courses at a time in the email
    • Maintain documentation for each completed module. Verify completion with one or more of the following:

>County or APSWI LMS Transcripts 
>Certificate of completion 
>Other forms demonstrating completion (e.g. training roster)

See Certificates and Transcript page for instructions on how to obtain APSWI LMS Transcripts from the Academy LMS. Participants are highly encouraged to keep track of their progress by utilizing the NAPSA Core Compentency Checklist for guidance.

For questions contact Jennifer Ovalle, the APSWI Program Assistant/NAPSA Certificate Coordinator, at jovalle@sdsu.edu

Step 3: Submit Training Completion Documentation to APSWI

Please submit:

  • County or APSWI LMS transcripts, full NATC transcript, or other supporting documentation that shows successful completion of all Core Competencies.
  • Send your full transcripts via email to Jennifer Ovalle at  jovalle@sdsu.edu

Please note APSWI, NAPSA, and National APS Training Center (NATC) are separate entities and APSWI is not able to track NATC courses. Participants of the program who have completed any core competencies via the NATC’s Learning Management System (LMS) must send in their full training transcript.

For additional information about the NAPSA Certificate Program, view the National Adult Protective Services Association website

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