Coaching is a vital part of staff development. Below you will find useful tools for coaching.

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CWDS Coaching Corner Podcasts

The CWDS Coaching Corner is a series of podcasts for coaches coaching in the child welfare field. On each episode, join James Coloma as he talks with special guests on topics related to coaching the child welfare workforce. These podcasts are produced through the CWDS (formerly Public Child Welfare Training Academy) Radio through the Academy for Professional Excellence at San Diego State University School of Social Work. Hosted, produced and edited by James Coloma, with assistance from Val Ryan. Logo by Kathy Collins. Podcast name by Amy Jaffe.


Episode 1
Preparing for Your First Coaching Session – Bill James

Episode 2
Setting Agreements to Guide Coaching in the Field – Dawn Schoonhoven Scott

Episode 3
Remaining in a Space of Inquiry – Nancy Satterwhite

Episode 4
Cultural Humility – Darlene Hill

Episode 5
Social Work Privilege – Steven Wells

Episode 6
Motivational Interviewing – Dr. Melinda Hohman and Bill James

Episode 7
Solution-Focused Questions – Bill James

Episode 8
Writing Harm Statements  – Wayne Rutledge

Episode 9
Writing Danger Statements – Wayne Rutledge

Episode 10
Mapping with Families – Bill James

Episode 11
Case Planning with Families – Kim Giardina

Episode 12
Building Safety Networks – Amy Jaffe

Episode 13
Safety Planning with Families Using SOP – Kim Giardina

Episode 14
Academy Coaching Forms – Carrie Gibson

Episode 15
Use of Scoreboard – Mary Garrison

Episode 16
Core 3.0 – Irene Becker

Leadership Coaching

CWDS has rolled out coaching to workers, supervisors and leaders across the Southern region.

Coaching at the leadership level supports the development of a learning culture and practice improvement at all levels of the organization. It assists leaders in taking action to reach goals and strengthen peer support.

Leadership coaching allows managers and executive leadership to work with a coach on anything from specific child welfare skills to broaden leadership skills. It may focus on business processes, supervision and management of staff, implementation planning, use of data in child welfare management, continuous quality improvement strategies, co-management of teams, strengths-based leadership skills and any other topic that will enhance leadership capacity. For more information see the Leadership Coaching Flyer.

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