Tribal STAR Resources for ICWA Specialists

Having specially trained staff on ICWA is good practice for both state and tribal child welfare agencies because it supports proper ICWA implementation and can potentially reduce appeals and costs. State and county staff that specialize in tribal child welfare also need to be trained on culturally responsive engagement and historical context about why ICWA was passed. Tribal ICWA Advocates need to understand how their local child welfare services respond when they have good reason to know they have an Indian child in their care. When tribes, Native American communities, state, and county child welfare agencies work together we can achieve the best outcomes for safety, permanency, and well-being.

Below are several featured resources as well as general resources for staff specifically trained on ICWA. See also resources specific to State and County Child Welfare ICWA Specialists and Tribal ICWA Advocates.

Featured Resources

Indian Specialty Unit Video

The video below captures the history the San Diego County Child Welfare Indian Specialty Unit which officially began in 1992. Click play to watch the 22-minute video about the San Diego County Indian Specialty Unit (ISU).

ICWA Celebration PowerPoint

Click below to view the PowerPoint presentation from the 2017 Tribal STAR Celebration.

Tribal STAR Celebration presentation

Center for Tribes: Building an Effective Tribal-State Child Welfare Partnership

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