Comprehensive, Culturally Approriate, and Competency-Based Workforce Development.

IES Employees & Vendors Handbook

CWDS IES Employees & Vendors Handbook

IES Employees & Vendors Basics

Training Locations
CWDS Riverside Training Center
Academy Training Center – Alvarado Court Suites 103 and 105

Training also occurs offsite in various locations within the 7 counties served.

Academy Standards, Policies and Procedures for Trainers
Trainer Guidelines and Competencies
Trainer Evaluative Standards
Trainer Development Standards
Academy Photo and Video Release Form

Trainer and Training Evaluation Forms
Trainer Evaluation Form – this form is used to formally evaluate trainers at certain intervals as indicated in the Trainer Evaluative Standards and Trainer Development Standards documents above
Training Observation Form– this form is completed by site coordinators and training assistants to give feedback on individual training deliveries as indicated in the Trainer Evaluative Standards document above
Satisfaction Survey Form – this form is completed by trainees in each training at the end of the training day as indicated in the Trainer Evaluative Standards document above.

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers
Download Q and A PDF

Curriculum Overview

Types of Training Events
The Themes in All CWDS Training Events
Guiding Principles for Curriculum Development
Course Description Template
Sample Lesson Plan-Course Outline
Writing Behavioral Learning Objectives and Assessments
California Statewide Child Welfare Initiatives
CE Procedures

Evidence-Based Practice
Screening Guidelines for Evidence Based Research and Practice – This tool can be used to guide you in ensuring that your curricula has the most reliable, evidence based practice standards built into it
EBP Curriculum Review Form – this form is used by Curriculum Specialists in evaluating your training outlines for recency

For those trainers without a direct child welfare background this document will be helpful to you in increasing your understanding of child welfare issues and in developing your curriculum to ensure relevance to child welfare staff:
Understanding the Child Welfare System in California: A Primer for Service Providers and Policymakers.

Tips for IES Employees & Vendors

Adult Learning Theory
Curriculum Development
Diversity and Inclusion Guidelines and Fairness and Equity
The Art of Facilitation: The Super 8

Common Core 3.0 Curriculum Websites

Common Core 3.0 Curriculum
California Social Work Education Center

IES Employees & Vendors in Workforce Development Handbook

IES Employees & Vendors Handbook

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