Celebrating Culture, Creating Connection and Community

Values and Ideals for Training


  • Cultural Centeredness The respect of culture and traditions, especially the integration of spirituality and the wisdom of Elders, is the basis for the approach and implementation of the training model, including its materials, products, and activities.
  • Interdependenceis modeled and promoted through cross-cultural collaboration using a participatory process. The Tribal community, Tribal youth, ICWA designated agents, Tribal representatives, and Tribal leaders are considered experts and should be invited to participate in training.
  • Innovation The foundation of our work is a growth mindset, which is the belief that growth occurs through hard work, dedication, seeking new strategies, and collaboration.
  • Strength-based Approach utilizes the experiences and strengths of Trainers and participants to achieve outcomes.
  • Reciprocity┬áis the generous exchange of time, resources, and respect to support the development of relationships that ensure positive outcomes.
  • Professionalism is exhibited in respectful communications and demeanor while maintaining dignity and decorum throughout the training.
  • Trust and Cultivate Long Term relationships Every interaction during the training is an opportunity to restore poor historical relationships between Tribal and non-Tribal institutions and individuals and to develop trust and long-term relationships.
  • Creating Positive Outcomes for Tribal Children and Foster Youth is the intention for each action.

Ideals for Tribal STAR Training

  • Tribal STAR training will be conducted in partnership with local Tribes, Tribal families, children and communities, ICWA advocates/social workers, and Tribal family service programs wherever possible.
  • Tribal STAR training is revolutionary, unlike anything, participants have experienced before, and a life-changing experience.
  • Attending this training will be like coming to a special event: Participants feel valued for the time they spend there; they feel their achievements are recognized; they have the most recent information and the highest quality products given to them. They are treated with respect in a comfortable environment and appropriate decorum is established.
  • The training is an immersion process designed so the Participant understands and learns Tribal culture and values through experience.
  • All discussions, activities, and actions in the training will result in better outcomes for Tribal youth and families, as they are the center and purpose of these efforts.


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