Celebrating Culture, Creating Connection and Community

Tribal STAR Values and Ideals


  • Cultural Centeredness in program design, implementation, and evaluation including: respect for culture and tradition, in our format, approach, implementation, and inclusion of spirituality; utilizing the wisdom of Elders; ensuring that our materials and products reflect our values and respect for culture and tradition; integrating ceremony (e.g. Talking Circles).
  • Interdependence by modeling and promoting cross-cultural collaboration, utilizing a Participatory Process from focus groups for planning to evaluation. Community and youth are considered the experts and contribute as such at all meetings and training. All Things Are Connected.
  • Innovation to Achieve Ideals as our intent has always been to do things differently to maximize impact and development. We realize that to reach our audience we need to do things differently than before and provide a multi-level, multi-sensory experience for participants. This means doing things “out of the box!”
  • Strength-based Approach to assess, discover, and utilize experiences, and strengths of staff, workgroup, partners, and participants to achieve outcomes. Every individual brings his or her special gifts, uniqueness, purpose, and destiny to the process.
  • Reciprocity is exhibited through our interaction with elders, leaders, youth. A cultural value that requires Generosity with our resources, ensuring that Tribal members and non-Tribal members feel their time is valued by the program and staff. At the end of every training everyone should feel acknowledged for their contribution.
  • Professionalism in our approach, outreach, and products. We strive to achieve the highest quality and model the finest example of professionalism during each training and event.
  • Emphasize Trust and Cultivate Long Term relationships because we are aware that every interaction is an opportunity for bridge-building. History and culture have shaped Tribal vs. non-Tribal relations and our program is part of a continuum of this historical relationship, so we must act conscientiously. We are now the gatekeepers and the stewards of successful collaboration.
  • Creating Positive Outcomes for Tribal Children and Foster Youth is the intended outcome for each action. Children and youth are at the center. We value family wellness, and make intentional effort to ensure youth are at the center of our decisions and outcomes.


  • The training is revolutionary. It is something unlike anything participants have experienced before, a life-changing experience.
  • Coming to a Tribal STAR event is like coming to a board meeting. Participants feel valued for the time they spend there. They feel their achievements are recognized. They have the most recent information and highest quality products given to them. They are treated with respect and a comfortable environment and appropriate decorum is established.
  • A Tribal STAR event is an immersion process designed so the participant understands and learns Tribal culture and values through experience.
  • All discussions, all activities, and all actions in the training will result in better outcomes for Tribal children and youth, as they are the center and purpose of this effort.
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