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Supervisor Core

CWDS’s Supervisor Core course incorporates statewide standardized elements. The Core is a ten-day course composed of five two-day segments scheduled one month apart.

Unlike many of the other classes offered by the CWDS, the Supervisor Core classes are not “standalone” classes. Each two-day segment is designed to meet a number of learning objectives under its respective topic and attendance at both days is required.

The month-long separation of classroom segments allows the trainees to practice skills learned in the classroom. The Supervisor Core course is designed for new child welfare supervisors, supervisors without training in effective leadership skills and/or supervisors transitioning from one position to another.

The curriculum consists of the components below and materials can be found here: Supervisor Core Curriculum

Days 1-2 A Leading Role

A Leading Role: Leadership Skills for CWS Supervisors in Outcome-focused Environments is the theme for the first two days is developing leadership skills that can be applied directly in a child welfare context and specifically by you as a supervisor.

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Days 3-4 Charting a Course: Maintaining Your Bearings

Charting a Course: Maintaining Your Bearings: Improved Outcomes and Key Activities that Correlate with Them is about building on the leadership and management skills and carefully referencing key Federal, State and local outcomes discussed in Days 1-2, this module focuses in more depth on the supervisory role (knowledge and skill) in identifying and tracking key practice and program indicators which correlate with improved outcomes at the program, section and unit level.

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Days 5-6 A Micro-Climate of Sanity

The third two days, A Micro-Climate of Sanity: Maximizing Individual Worker Performance and Strengthening Educational Supervision Skills, emphasize ways we can define, improve and maximize the performance of staff in your unit.

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Days 7-8 Coaching Institute for Child Welfare Supervisors

Coaching Institute for Child Welfare Supervisors cover the topic of coaching. Coaching is recognized as a key learning strategy for professional development as well as overall program implementation. This institute will provide participants with information to assemble the coaching puzzle. In other words, these sessions demonstrate how to integrate the best skills, theories and abilities of coaching into a solid evidence-based coaching strategy.

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Days 9-10 A Very Special Case: Putting it all Together

The final module, A Very Special Case: Putting it all Together: Providing Case Specific Supervision, Final Application, Community Engagement, Teaming Strategies, Managing Changing Organizational Dynamics and Relationships focuses on the supervisor’s critical role in providing case specific supervision to staff at the unit level.

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