Revolutionizing the way people work to ensure the world is a healthier place.


Heart-Felt Purpose Meets Data-Driven Decision Making

The Academy is committed to revolutionizing the way people work to ensure the world is a healthier place. To ensure this vision has the greatest impact, evaluation works with each program to develop concrete, achievable goals and data collection plans. To reach this goal, we must do more than count the number of people who attend our trainings or who are satisfied because neither of these data points can show us if we are any closer to our goal.


An intelligent data collection plan must be based on specific, measurable goals.

The Evaluation team helps programs translate their passion and heart-felt missions into specific, measurable goals that guide data collection plans to support programs in using data analysis to guide program decision making, demonstrate value to funding sources and implement process improvements that serve the Academy’s commitment to provide exceptional learning experiences that transform individuals and communities.

The evaluation team guides programs through the evaluation process to identify the objectives that matter the most to them to create a well designed plan to collect meaningful data that can be used for planning, decision-making and demonstrating the value of our programs. In this way, the evaluation team and programs are partners who must navigate the process together.

The Evaluation Team provides the following services: conducts data analysis, develops surveys, interprets data, visualizes data in dashboards, creates logic models of work processes, leads focus groups, and conducts organizational assessments.

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