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CACWT Access and Guide


The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on how Trainers and Service Providers (IES employees/Vendors) can access curriculum materials in the statewide CDSS CACWT system.


CDSS is implementing a statewide Learning Management System called CACWT. All Trainers will have to access/use CACWT to provide statewide standardized training. Trainees will also have to access/use CACWT.

Learn more about CACWT

Follow These Steps to Access Your Account

All CWDS Service Providers were provided log in information and instructions on how to access their CACWT account via email. CWDS instructors have already had an account created for them. CWDS service providers can log into their CACWT with the following credentials:

  • Visit CACWT Website
  • Login Username: email address provided (email you have on file with CWDS)
  • Password: Changeme1!

Use Roles in the CACWT SystemCWDS Service providers may currently have two different types of roles in the CACWT system; Instructor and Learner.

CWDS Service providers may currently have two different types of roles in the CACWT system; Instructor and Learner.


Instructor Role

This role is for those that will serve as instructors and provide training. This role allows users to access Trainer Guides and other curriculum related materials specific to the Instructor Role.


Learner Role

This is the default role for when you log into the system. In your Learner Dashboard page to the left in your green panel area, click the arrow by Learner to switch to the other roles you need to access.


CACWT User Role Interface

Accessing Training Materials

  1. Log into your CACWT account.
  2. Under the Home left menu panel item, click on Go to LMS.
  3. Once you are directed to the Blackboard home Institution Page, click on the Curriculum Content Library (see screenshot below).
  4. Once directed to the Library Content page, click on the course title for the curriculum content you would like to access.
  5. You will either see all of the course content (trainer/trainee guides, other course materials) or another folder structure (i.e. Common Core Training Series) (see screenshots below).
  6. Click on the course folder to access the course content.

Course Folder Interface 1

Course Folder Interface 2

Course Folder Interface 3

Course Folder Interface 4

For additional guidance specific to Core 3.5 Materials please click see theCore 3.5 CACWT instructions for accessing curriculum

*CDSS continually updates the statewide training materials available in CACWT. Access the current list. Please note that this list is subject to change.

For Additional Assistance Contact

  • For information on Common Core 3.5 training information, curriculum, or course descriptions, please contact Jenee-Maree Northcutt at
  • If you have challenges/technical issues regarding logging into the CACWT system, please contact Andrew Jones at
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