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Transfer of Learning

Transfer of Learning (TOL) activities and resources accompany most of the 23 NAPSA Core Competencies as well as some Advance Training curriculum.

These activities provide the space for:

  • The learner to practice new skills gained from completing training in safe and supportive environment 
  • Supervisors, Trainers and/or Mentors to coach, evaluate and/or provide feedback to the learner
  • Successful recall of the learned material 
  • Opportunities to clarify APS program specific practice

Each TOL is unique in its structure and content and are intended to be utilized within 30-60 days of training completion. 

The APS Field Guide also contains activities and opportunities for Transfer of Learning and follow up discussion between an APS investigator and Supervisor. Access the APS Field Guide here.

For questions or comments regarding the Transfer of Learning activities or resources available, please contact APSWI at apstraining@sdsu.edu.


1. Overview

APS Overview TOL 

2. Ethics, Values and Cultural Responsiveness in APS

Ethics, Values and Cultural Responsiveness in APS TOL

3. Regulations


4. The Aging Process

The Aging Process TOL

5. Physical and Developmental Disabilities


6. Mental Health in APS

Mental Health in APS Transfer of Learning (TOL) 

7. Substance Abuse in Mature Adults


8. Power and Control Dynamics

Power and Control Dynamics TOL 2023

9. Communication and Interviewing

Professional Communication TOL

10. Working With Clients Experiencing Self-Neglect

Working with Self-Neglecting Clients Instructor-Led TOL 

Working with Self-Neglecting Clients eLearning TOL


11. Caregiver Neglect

Caregiver or Perpetrator Neglect Instructor-Led TOL 

Caregiver or Perpetrator Neglect eLearning TOL 

12. Financial Exploitation

Financial Exploitation TOL 

13. Physical Caregiver Abuse

Responding to Physical Elder Abuse and Neglect TOL

14. Elder Sexual Abuse

Elder Sexual Abuse Instructor-Led TOL

Elder Sexual Abuse eLearning TOL

15. Documentation and Report Writing

APS Case Documentation and Report Writing TOL

APS Case Documentation and Report Writing Facilitator Guide TOL


16. Investigative First Steps

Initial Investigation Taking the First Steps TOL

*Please note that this TOL linked above is applicable to Initial Investigation Part 1: APS Intake Interview eLearning and Initial Investigation Part 2: APS Worker Safety eLearning

17. Assessing Client Capacity

Screening For Decision-Making Ability with APS Clients Transfer of Learning 

18. Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment in APS TOL


19. Voluntary Case Planning

Voluntary Case Planning In APS Instructor-Led Training TOL

Voluntary Case Planning In APS Blended Training w/eLearning TOL


20. Involuntary Case Planning

Involuntary Case Planning Instructor-led Training TOL

Involuntary Case Planning for APS Workers Modules 1, 2, & 3 eLearning TOL 

Involuntary Case Planning – Blended eLearning TOL 


21. Collaboration in APS Work


22. Working with the Criminal Justice System

Working with the Criminal Justice System TOL

23. Case Closure

Case Closure Checklist TOL

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