About RIHS

Responsive Integrated Health Solutions (RIHS), provides staff development services that will increase competency in culture, co-occurring disorders, family centered services and resiliency as is required to outreach, assess, and support the recovery of adults and children living with severe mental illnesses, and their families.

Funded via a contract with County of San Diego Mental Health, RIHS is part of a network of services made available by the county to behavioral health service providers. RIHS is a County of San Diego Behavioral Health contracted program of the Academy for Professional Excellence, a project of the SDSU School of Social Work.

RIHS provides classes and conferences, curriculum development, trainer development, eLearning, training coordination, as well as consultation in each of these areas.RIHS provides workforce development services including staffing needs assessment, career paths analysis, and staff development.

RIHS Continuing Education Certification

RIHS provides Continuing Education for many County of San Diego Behavioral Health Professionals. Continuing education is available for most trainings. For certifications see our Continuing Education page. For questions regarding obtaining certificates from in-person trainings, webinars and eLearnings, please see the RIHS FAQ page.

Eligibility for RIHS Training

RIHS trainings are designed for and offered to staff of San Diego Behavioral Health Services (BHS), contractors and BHS partners. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please see the RIHS FAQ page for more information.


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