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Cultural Competency Academy

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Cultural Competency Academy Training

The Cultural Competency Academy Foundational Training Series is designed to provide awareness, knowledge and skill-based trainings that focus on clinical and recovery interventions for environmental to direct service applications. Training shall occur for all levels (support staff, managers, and direct service providers). The cultural competency training series is a half-year commitment which includes in-class modules and a practicum project designed to create change within your agencies and practice.

CCA Foundational Series Learning Objectives

Upon Completion of the Cultural Competency Foundational Training Series, participants will be able to:

  1. Access the tools and skills needed to provide culturally informed services
  2. Describe the impact of person-first, trauma-informed, culturally competent service delivery
  3. Use awareness of their own biases to engage with people of different cultural backgrounds
  4. Use cultural competence practices in the delivery of Behavioral Health Services
  5. Create culturally driven change to improve program participant outcomes
  6. Use skills and experiences to engage in conversations regarding race and culture

Day 1: Self Assessment

Day 1 Outline (pdf)

Juan Camarena, Ph.D. LMFT
Michael Juan, Ph.D.

DAY 2: What is Culture?

Day 2 Outline (pdf)

Juan Camarena, Ph.D. LMFT
Michael Juan, Ph.D.

Day 3: Culture in the Workplace

Day 3 Outline (pdf)

Michelle Ly, LMFT

Day 4: Culture And Behavioral Health Services

Day 4 Outline (pdf)

Michelle Ly, LMFT
Golby Rahimi, LMFT

Day 5: Implementation and next steps

Day 5 Outline (pdf)

Juan Camarena, Ph.D. LMFT
Michael Juan, Ph.D.

CCA Booster Trainings

  • Participants enrolled in a CCA Foundational Series are required to take a position specific booster and a cultural booster as part of the completion requirement for the series graduation.
  • CCA Boosters are open to any past or present member of CCA. Booster flyers are advertised to past and present members via email when they become available, and are posted here when there are upcoming trainings.
  • Each Cultural Booster has a 1-hour eLearning prerequisite to the course

Cultural Competency eLearnings

  • Cultural Competency eLearnings are open to all RIHS learners, regardless of participation in the CCA series.
  • Below is a list of the most recent cultural competency eLearnings.
    • Anti-Racism in the United States eLearning
    • Introduction to Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities eLearning
    • Introduction to LGBTQ+ Communities eLearning
    • Introduction to Latino Populations eLearning

Download an extensive list of Cultural Competency eLearnings

CCA Practicum Projects

CCA Praticum Projects Gallery Site

The Academy for Professional Excellence’s Responsive Integrated Health Solutions (RIHS) Cultural Competency Academy (CCA) is pleased to present a gallery of select practicum projects for FY19-20.

View Practicum Projects

Capstone Presentations / Graduation

Presentations / Graduation Form (pdf)

CCA Executive Series

In 2021, the first pilot of the new Executive Series began. Going beyond diversity and inclusion, this series identifies tools to move toward creating an antiracist organization by equipping Executives with the resources to examine existing problems, develop ways to address them, and lead with new systems in place.

External Resources

This section will be updated to include trainings or resources and information related to Cultural Competency that is provided outside of RIHS.

Confronting COVID-19-Related Harassment in Schools A Resource for Families

A Nuestra Salud: Confronting Public Health and Mental Health Challenges and Solutions in Our Transborder Region
November 16 & 17, 2021

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