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Voluntary Case Planning in APS Blended Training

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This course has been developed as a blended learning composed of an eLearning, an in-person team based learning session and a post training coaching conference call. This blended training fulfills Core Competency Module #19.

This interactive eLearning teaches Adult Protective Services (APS) professionals the basic components of determining the intervention needs and developing a safety plan for elder abuse victims. Participants will be able to identify the factors that influence the victim’s intervention needs. They will learn strategies to work with the victim to develop mutually acceptable goals that will decrease the risk to the victim. They will learn to use a safety planning tool developed for use with elder abuse victims (1 CE).

Note: The eLearning may be taken on its own but participants’ learning is enhanced if the in-person portion of the training is also delivered.

In-Person Team-Based Learning
This session encourages participants to use critical thinking skills in applying the knowledge and skills they learned during the eLearning portion of the training.

Coaching Conference Call
A safe activity that allows the workers to revisit the ideas and skills they learned during the eLearning and the team-based in-person class.

Course Materials
Trainer Manual
Participant Manual
Coaching Conference Call
Executive Summary
Transfer of Learning Supervisor Manual


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