Key CDSS Updates, December 2020

ICPM Categories: As of July 1, 2020 the state (CDSS) required that any content CWDS delivers includes an Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM) category.  The ICPM is a framework that sets the child and family team (CFT) as the primary vehicle for the team-based process and is implemented in four phases: Engagement, Service Planning, Monitoring and Adapting, and Transition. The ICPM category will be included and utilized on flyers and with evaluations, and both the facilitator and the learner should be familiar with the category for the course. The ACL connected to this requirement is available at this link: ACL: Mandatory Continuing Training Topic for Child Welfare Social Workers and Supervisors.

Statewide LMS: We are beginning a phased implementation of a statewide Learning Management System (LMS) called Blackboard on January 1, 2021. CDSS and all Regional Training Academies (RTAs) will be using Blackboard starting with Supervisor Core and Concurrent Planning. Eventually, all courses and learners will be housed in Blackboard instead of in individual LMSs managed by each RTA. While this shift is a big undertaking, there are multiple benefits to having one unified statewide LMS: learner profiles will not need to be created in different LMSs when staff move to new jobs across their region or across the state, keeping their training transcripts intact; all statewide curriculum including elearnings will be accessible in this system; course prerequisites and completions will be easy to track by each county; counties will be able to access reports, including attendance reports, on demand vs asking their RTA for this information; and registrations and training support will be more streamlined at the RTA’s end. Trainers will also be accessing Blackboard for training curriculum and will be conducting part of the trainings themselves within Blackboard. The Academy’s LMS Administrator is attending regular statewide workgroups to plan for this implementation and is convening bi-monthly internal workgroup meetings to ensure a successful transition. He will also be ensuring our internal staff will be trained on the new processes and procedures related to Blackboard. Additionally, he will be working with CWDS’s Workforce Management and Development Team to make sure our trainers are trained and equipped to use Blackboard during the phased implementation.

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