Trainer of the Quarter December 2020, Peter Dahlin

Peter Dahlin,  MS, is a private consultant, based out of Northern California, providing organizational development, training, and curriculum development services to a variety of organizations throughout the country. He is passionate about integrating creativity and fun in solving organizational challenges. He has created and taught social worker, supervisor, manager, executive, mentor/coach and trainer courses throughout the country and has been a regularly-invited presenter to regional and national conferences. His time is split between curriculum development, training delivery and coaching—all within child welfare.

His clients have included multiple State, County and local government agencies throughout the country, as well as in Canada. He’s also done consulting work with Casey Family Programs, National CASA and the National Child Welfare Resource Center on Adoption.

His style is energetic and engaging and he infuses appropriate issues of cultural humility and strong “transfer of learning” opportunities throughout all of his trainings and coaching.

Peter is the former Director of a twelve-county regional training Academy providing training, consultation, and organizational development services in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He worked for San Francisco County for nearly ten years, in roles as a social worker, supervisor and manager. In his last County position, he managed $25 million of contracts with community providers. He served as the Chair for the Annual West Coast Child Welfare Trainer’s Conference for six years, and has over 30 years of direct service, supervision, training and management experience in human services.

Four years ago, his family was one of the first in Butte County to be certified as a Resource Family, and has fostered several teens. He and his family finalized adoption of the youngest at age 15!

His interests include gardening, bicycling, swimming and spending time with his dogs &cats… and chickens & honeybees—all of which are mutually excusive activities!

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