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Literature Reviews

23-Hour Assessment Centers – SACHS – 2014

In this literature review, the topic of 23-Hour Assessment Centers, which provide a temporary placement for children to be taken to after being removed from their homes, is discussed.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) – SACHS – 2014

Models and strategies for providing services to victims of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) has been building for over a decade. However, there is a lack of a current evidence base related to prevention, identification and interventions. This literature review delves into the discussion of CSEC programs and practices and the need for additional work in this area.

Teleworking in Human Services – SACHS – 2013

This review summarizes the existing research related to teleworking, with a focus on government organizations. Specifically, it provides information related to policies, procedures,best practices, challenges, and recommendations.

Review of Child Welfare Risk Assessments – SACHS – 2012

This literature review is a discussion of risk assessment tools used in child welfare agencies across the United States. It also provides results from research on risk assessment tools.


Father Engagement in Child Welfare – PCWTA – 2011

This literature review came about as a result of the Fatherhood Initiative, a Federal and statewide effort to address issues of fathers in the child welfare context. Since approximately the time of the Vietnam War, the United States has experienced a dramatic increase in fatherlessness among American children. In addition, fathers have historically been overlooked in child welfare and negative outcomes for children are correlated to this absence.

Open Juvenile Dependency Courts – SACHS – 2011

This review provides a summary of the existing research regarding public access to dependency proceedings and records in states across the country.

Child Maltreatment Fatalities-Risk Factors and Lessons Learned – SACHS – 2010

This review summarizes existing research literature to identify common factors/variables related to the type of maltreatment, the child, the parents/caretakers and other circumstances of the case that may contribute to a higher probability of fatal child maltreatment.

Differential Response: Effective Prevention and Intervention Models Implementation and Financing – SACHS – 2009

At the request of the Southern Area Consortium of Human Services (SACHS) Directors, this review of the research highlights effective prevention and intervention strategies for differential response from California’s eleven pilot counties.

Child Welfare Social Worker Recruitment and Retention: Influential Factors and Promising Practices – SACHS – 2009

This literature review summarizes numerous studies and literature from across the nation on the various factors that impact the readiness and retention levels of new child welfare social workers.

Recruitment and Retention in Health and Human Services – SACHS – 2015

This report is designed to review the current recruitment and retention problems in public health and human services, with a focus on child welfare services, where a majority of the research in this field is. The research will discuss realistic job previews, and creative recruitment, hiring, and orientation strategies in human services.

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