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CWDS Curriculum

Working with Involuntary Clients

Level: Advanced Practice – Lineworker

Credits: 6

Intended Audience: New and current child welfare personnel seeking in-depth information on working with resistant and involuntary clients

Intended Objectives:

  • Learn the nature of resistance and the helping process
  • Develop skills in engaging involuntary clients
  • Apply professional values and ethics related to involuntary clients
  • Understand feelings that may be generated in working with resistance

Topics Include:

  • Involuntary clients and the nature of Child Welfare Services
  • How clients and workers feel about each other
  • The nature of resistance and the helping process
  • Skill in engaging involuntary clients
  • Professional values and ethics related to working with involuntary clients

CalSWEC Competencies Addressed:

3.7 Student assesses family dynamics, including interaction and relationships, roles, power, communication patterns, functional and dysfunctional behaviors and other family processes.

3.11 Student can engage clients, especially non-voluntary and angry clients.

3.21 Student effectively and appropriately uses authority, while continuing to use supportive case work methods to protect children and engage families

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