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CWDS Curriculum

Supervised Visitation

Level: Advanced

Credits: 6

Intended Audience: This course is intended for line workers or any staff that monitors supervised visits

Description of Course: This is a one day course that will review and address the counties visitation policy and protocol. It will also provide support for children in
out of home care in participating in a visitation program. This course will be taught from a strength based model which will address and support a team
approach to engage the families in moving forward in the reunification process. The course will incorporate didactic lecture, small group discussion, role play and
application activities.

Intended Objectives:

  • Teach from the strength-based/team approach interaction with families
  • Assess for risk and safety factors during the visit
  • Demonstrate mentoring and role-modeling during the course of the visit
  • Critique and provide constructive feedback to the families to enhance the quality of visits
  • Review of the Counties protocol and objectives for supervised visitation
  • Describe the planned outcome will be to enhance parenting skills to move the families to a least restrictive setting for visits

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the role of the visitation monitor
  • Five settings for visitations – Security, Therapeutic, Monitored, Interactive, Unsupervised
  • Assessing for risk and safety
  • Establish rapport with clients/families
  • The three phases of the visitation process
  • Review of mandating reporting, substance abuse, physical abuse and neglect
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