Comprehensive, Culturally Approriate, and Competency-Based Workforce Development.

CWDS Curriculum


Level:           Advanced Practice – (Line worker, Supervisor, Manager)

Credits:        6

Intended Audience:  Individuals who are interested in serving in the role as facilitator for Simulation Day. This may include experienced workers, supervisors, Field Advisors, trainers, and facilitators. Participants should have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in: training and facilitation; coaching; solution focused questions; and appreciative inquiry.

Description of Course:  Through a parallel simulation experience, the learners will be equipped with confidence and competence to facilitate simulations, specifically how to: create a safe learning environment; guide the Simulation Learning Processes with powerful questions; interweave applicable learning objectives, framework, values, principles into the learning processes; guide small groups of learners during their simulation interviews of family members; and de-brief the learners individually and as a group to highlight lessons learned and opportunities to improve practice.

Intended Objectives:

  1. The learner will be able to comprehensively describe the purpose, role, and learning processes of a Simulation Facilitator.
  2. Through simulation, the learner will demonstrate proficiency in facilitation skills including advanced utilization of appreciative inquiry, powerful solution focused, strength-based and open ended questions, reflection and reframing to create and sustain a safe learning environment and guide the learners through the simulation learning processes.
  3. Through simulation the learner will demonstrate proficiency in interweaving the specific learning objectives from the applicable curricula.
  4. Through simulation the learner will demonstrate the ability to formulate powerful questions to emphasize a point when a teachable moment arises.

Topics Include:

  • Logistics of Simulation Day
  • Role of The Facilitator
  • Learning Processes of Simulation
  • Managing Difficult Emotions
  • Parallel Process
  • Powerful Facilitation Questions
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