CANS Update

CANS update:
We are in the final year of the CDSS CANS contract. We continue to work with our county partners to schedule their CANS deliveries. The southern regional CANS convening will take place on 12/10/20. Big Congrats to Shelly Paule from San Diego!! She is being awarded the TCOM Program Champion Award. This award is in recognition of all her hard work in the implementation of the CANS in San Diego county, as well as her willingness to collaborate with others across the state.

CFT/CANS Implementation update:
We have completed the CFT/CANS as is mapping convenings. The four-part series was impactful for many counties. They were able to see their current process as it is and identify gaps and needed process improvements. The mapping process was an interagency effort – each county had child welfare, probations, and mental health involved in the process with each of their perspectives taken into account. All southern counties including Santa Barbara attended, with over 70 participants joining.

CFT/CANS Implementation Support Themes:

Aligning need with capacity building domains                                                                    
Workforce Development
Organization and Leadership
Data and Evaluation
Strengthening Partnership

Here are a few identified support needs:

Implementation Planning

Technical assistance on comprehensive implementation planning that build capacities to fully implement CFT/CANS practice (workforce, outcomes, leadership, partnerships)

Continued technical assistance support on mapping, creating workflow (who does what & when), and developing Action Plans

Workforce Development

Integrating CANS into CFT – What does it look like, how to share information & reach agreement

Training for supervisors & workers on CANS informed CFT to build “buy in” on the practice (not just another bureaucratic process)

Training and the use of fidelity tools

Organization and Leadership

ACL & technical assistance on CFT/CANS Practice Principles and how they fit into the process

Alignment with existing practice – CANS/SOP/SDM fitting it all together

Data and Evaluation

Different data systems for Behavioral Health & Child Welfare Services complicates data tracking & evaluation—is there a fix or workaround?

Increase technical assistance on utilizing CARES & Safe Measures to evaluate outcomes

Strengthening Partnership

More statewide support, guidance & joint training for 2083 MOU development to promote value of interagency collaboration

More consistent information sharing about CANS between service agencies

The counties were fully engaged in the process and requested continued support (if possible) with this on-going work. CWDS will be hosting CANS convenings again this fiscal year, the first convening will be December 10 2020. We will make space for the counties to continue their discussion and peer sharing with their CFT/CANS practice.

Big Thanks to the amazing facilitators: Nancy Satterwhite, Erika Tucker, Daniel McKinnis from OC County, Shelly Paule from San Diego County, and Sophia Baca Gutierrez from LA County and support from Cristina Padilla with managing the tech and main room! They are all ROCK STARS!!!

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