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California Statewide Curriculum Updates, March 2021

New Child Welfare Social Work Training (Core 3.5)

New Child Welfare Social worker Core training continues to be under review and in revision at the statewide level.  Field Activities, that are a requirement with Core training, are also under revision and will be updated in conjunction with the Core course content. The time frame for implementation of the fully revised Core series which will be known as Core 3.5, is expected to be completed and implemented by July 1, 2021 and scheduled to be delivered through statewide SIS/LMS system known as CACWT (California Child Welfare Training). Core 3.0.  will NOT be uploaded in or delivered through the statewide CACWT system. Regional training Academy’s (RTA’s) will work with counties in their respective regions to manage the transition from Core 3.0 to Core 3.5.

Supervisor Core    The California Supervisor Core training is currently being delivered through the CACWT system throughout the state. Supervisor Core curriculum is also under review and being revised at ten statewide level and the revisions are also scheduled to be completed and fully implemented by July 1, 2021.

The Academy CWDS Program continues to develop curriculum for e-learnings, micro-learnings, simulations, etc. for counties and the region as needed and/or as per request.  Please note that any curriculum developed for CWDS will now need to be in compliance with ADA standards. More information and resources to assist with this process will be provided soon.  For more information about curriculum and training available through CWDS please go to: CWDS Curriculum and Training Request Page

If you have any question about the information regarding statewide curriculums listed above please contact or (619) 594-3296.

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