Comprehensive, Culturally Approriate, and Competency-Based Workforce Development.

CWDS Curriculum

Training for Trainers’ Skill Development: Evaluation and Transfer of Learning

Level: Advanced Practice – (Lineworker, Supervisor, Manager)

Credits: 6

Intended Audience: For experienced lineworkers, supervisors, managers or trainers who wish to develop training skills

Intended Objectives:

  • Review the evaluation scheme used by the Academy for Professional Excellence (Public Child Welfare Training Academy).
  • Identify at least three considerations in constructing case scenarios as part of an overall evaluation and transfer of learning strategy for training subject matter in a trainer’s area of expertise.
  • Review the Academy for Professional Excellence’s Transfer of Learning Guide.
  • Identify at least six strategies that trainers can apply for enhancing transfer of learning of training to the job by trainees in their classroom.
  • Recognize on example of a Level 5 evaluation that attempts to link classroom training to on the job skill application.
  • Discuss a researched-based satisfaction survey tool and implications for training.

Topics Include:

  • Levels of training evaluation
  • Review of researched based satisfaction survey instrument
  • Multiple-Choice Question Creation
  • Case scenario construction
  • Review of Academy Transfer of Learning Guide and system
  • Demonstration of Level 5 Evaluation

CalSWEC Competencies Addressed:

7.8 Student understands the purpose of outcome measurement and is able to seek client, organization, and community feedback for purposes of monitoring practice, service refinement, and outcome evaluation.

8.10 Student understands how to use information, technology, and evidence-based research to evaluate and improve policy, practice, and program effectiveness.

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