Comprehensive, Culturally Approriate, and Competency-Based Workforce Development.

CWDS Curriculum

Trainers Forum: Training and Technology

Level: Advanced Practice – Trainers, Child Welfare Staff and Staff Development interested in training

Credits: 6

Intended Audience: This training will focus on using technology in the classroom as well as using technology to deliver training and reinforce transfer of learning through coaching/transfer or learning sessions

Description of Course: This course will focus on: a) the use of tablets within the classroom setting and what trainers need to be aware of when training to a class who are using tablets, b) designing and delivering self-paced elearning modules as one modality of training, c) designing and delivering training via computer based software (Connect Pro) as one modality of training and d) designing and delivering transfer of learning and/or coaching sessions via a computer based software program (Connect Pro).

Intended Objectives:

  • Describe the various types of eLearning modalities – self-study, webinar, blended
    Identify the curriculum components for a one hour self-study eLearning module
  • Describe the 4 elements for effective eLearning courses
  • Describe the characteristics of good voice over narration
  • Describe two ways of using Connect Pro for training over the internet
  • Observe and critique two excerpts of recorded Connect Pro training
  • Identify at least 6 techniques for creating successful webinar trainings
  • Observe and critique a model for using a webinar as a tool for coaching and transfer of learning
  • Identify strategies for increasing the success of a coaching/Transfer of Learning webinar
  • Discuss appropriate topics for using a webinar for coaching/Transfer of Learning
  • Identify what file types are appropriate to use on the tablets (PDFs), how to convert training handouts into this file type, and policy and procedures to providing these files to the Academy for Professional Excellence for upload unto the tablets.
  • Identify ways that the tablets can be used for training evaluations.
  • Practice basic functions on the tablet including but not limited to: Turning off and on the tablet, accessing documents on the tablet, scrolling documents on the tablet, practice completing a survey on the tablet, using approved applications on the tablet.
  • Value the role that distance coaching and TOL can play in the implementation of EB

Topics Include:

  • Trends in using technology in training
  • Introduction to the use of tablets in the classroom
  • What trainers need to know and do, when tablets are used in the classroom
  • Rationale for converting some training into self-paced eLearning modules
  • Elements of creating eLearning modules
  • What the trainer’s role in creating self-paced eLearning modules
  • Rationale for using Connect Pro to deliver training
  • Introduction to Connect Pro format for training and transfer of learning/coaching
  • Advantages and challenges in using Connect Pro to delivery training
  • Methods of delivering Connect Pro training (live and recorded)
  • Rationale for using Connect Pro to deliver transfer of learning/coaching session
  • Advantages and challenges in using Connect Pro to deliver transfer of learning/coaching session
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