Comprehensive, Culturally Approriate, and Competency-Based Workforce Development.

CWDS Curriculum

Trainers Forum 2009: Training Evaluation Construction and the CPS System

Level: Advanced Practice – Trainers

Credits: 3

Intended Audience: Trainers or Staff Development Officers

Intended Objectives:

  • Identify training evaluation strategies and methods and be able to understand how the different types of evaluation methods provide different results
  • Identify appropriate evaluation strategies and methods that complement training subject matter
  • Identify how to construct pre/post knowledge questions or Likert scale questions for the Classroom Performance System as one evaluation method for training.
  • Demonstrate using the Classroom Performance System by answering multiple choice questions, true and false questions, and Likert scale questions

Topics Include:

  • Levels of training evaluation
  • Question construction that leads to more reliable evaluation
  • Use of the Classroom Performance System as one method to administer evaluation

CalSWEC Competencies Addressed:

7.8 Student understands the purpose of outcome measurement and is able to seek client, organization, and community feedback for purposes of monitoring practice, service refinement, and outcome evaluation.

8.10 Student understands how to use information, technology, and evidence-based research to evaluate and improve policy, practice, and program effectiveness.

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