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Supervisor Learning Circle Facilitation Training – San Bernardino

Level: Advanced Practice – Supervisors

Credits: 6

Intended Audience: 20 CWS supervisors identified to co-lead cross-regional and cross program, peer-to- peer learning circles

Description of Course: This one day training will impart facilitation skills for Supervisors to utilize when co-leading their peer-to-peer learning circles. They will gain knowledge and skill on building shared understanding and agreements on their self-directed agenda throughout the year. They will learn how to structure the meetings with their cohort and walk away with some first steps for rolling out the learning circles county-wide. The trainer/facilitators will use posters, handouts, and flip charts to share and gather information. Activities will include: some lecture, small group and large group discussions and planning sessions.

Intended Objectives:

  • Increase their understanding of the Super 8 steps of facilitation to create shared responsibility for the success of the Supervisor Learning Circles.
  • Value their role as change agents in their own and the group’s self-directed learning.
  • Enhance their confidence in dealing with challenging group dynamics.
  • Describe how to leverage diverse opinions and styles.
  • Practice use of specific tools for building understanding and agreement.
  • Increase their understanding of the Supervisor Self-assessment tool and learn how to use it with their cohort.
  • Plan next steps for launching the Supervisor Professional Development Program.

Topics Include:

1) Super 8 Facilitation Theory and Practice Skills:

  • Wearing “two hats” as the Facilitator
  • Listening as an Ally
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Tools for Building Understanding and Agreement Preventions and Interventions for
  • Meeting Behaviors

2) Supervisors’ role in outlining the structure and activities of the Learning Circles,
including creating Learning Circle Action Plans: Through a facilitated process, each
Learning Circle will develop a group plan, stating learning goals, for at least six
Learning Circle meetings. The result will be a shared vision for supervisory practice,
with specified steps to achieve that vision. Learning Plans serve as the guide for
applying learning to practice.

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