Comprehensive, Culturally Approriate, and Competency-Based Workforce Development.

CWDS Curriculum

Learning from Anger

Level: Advanced Practice—Lineworker

Credits: 6

Intended Audience: New and current child welfare personnel who want to increase their skills in dealing with angry and non-voluntary clients

Intended Objectives:

  • To be able to recognize three causes of chronic anger
  • To be able to recognize the myths that encourage and intensify anger
  • To be able to differentiate anger repressors from anger expressers
  • To be able to provide guidance and training for clients to help them decrease their anger and angry behaviors

Topics Include:

  • Beliefs and myths about anger and its expression
  • Sources of anger and what to do about them
  • How do you know you are angry?
  • Anger Inventory
  • Anger repressors and anger expressers

CalSWEC Competencies Addressed:

1.3 Student can develop relationships, obtain information and communicate in a culturally sensitive way.

1.4 Student considers the influence of culture on behavior and is aware of the importance of utilizing this knowledge in helping families improve parenting and care of their children within their own cultural context.

3.3 Student demonstrates understanding of the potential effects of poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, violence, and other forms of oppression on human behavior.

3.5 Student demonstrates understanding of how the strengths perspective and empowerment approaches can influence growth, development, and behavior change.

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