Comprehensive, Culturally Approriate, and Competency-Based Workforce Development.

CWDS Curriculum

Concurrent Planning Processes and Implementation (County Specific)

Level: Advanced Practice – Lineworker

Credits: 6

Intended Audience: Lineworkers

Intended Objectives:

  • To identify strategies and skills for successful Concurrent Planning with families
    To understand the necessity for continued assessment of the concurrent plan at all stages of case progression through CWS
    To recognize best practice solutions to common issues/dilemmas of concurrent planning
    To understand the connection to ASFA legal time frames. ICWA, and MEPA

Topics Include:

  • Clarification of the law
  • Timeline for permanency planning
  • Engagement Tools for family participation in concurrent planning
  • Developmental implications from the absence of permanency
  • Clarity on “the best interest of this child”
  • Case scenario utilizing specific county processes in Concurrent Planning

CalSWEC Competencies Addressed:

1.3 Student demonstrates the ability to conduct an ethnically and culturally competent assessment of a child and family and to develop an effective intervention plan.

3.11 Student recognizes the importance of working with biological families, foster families, and kin networks, as well as involving them in assessment and planning strategies.

3.14 Student understands the principles of concurrent and permanency planning that takes into account the educational, health, and emotional needs of children.

3.19 Student understands state and federal policy issues and child welfare legal requirements and demonstrates the capacity to fulfill these requirements in practice.

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