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Children with Sexual Behavior Problems eLearning

Level: Advanced Practice – Lineworker, Supervisor,

Credits: 1

Intended Audience: New and current social workers and supervisors

Intended Objectives:

  • Differentiate normative sexual behaviors from problematic sexual behaviors exhibited by children
  • Identify the varying child sexual development influences
  • Identify the definitions, terminology, characteristics and origins of children with sexual behavior problems
  • Identify the range of sexual behavior exhibited by children as it relates to intensity and severity
  • Value best practice assessment and treatment interventions for children with sexual behavior problems
  • Identify child welfare case management strategies and techniques for children with sexual behavior problems

Topics Include:

  • Terminology and definition of children with sexual behavior problems (CSBP)
  • Normal sexual development in children
  • Responding to sexual behavior displayed by children
  • Origin of problematic sexual behavior in children
  • Teri Cavanaugh Johnson’s continuum of sexual behavior
  • Assessment and treatment with CSBP
  • Assisting caregivers with CSBP

CalSWEC Competencies Addressed:

3.1 Student is able to practice basic principles and techniques of interviewing children and families for purposes of assessment, intervention, and service planning.

3.3 Student is able to identify the major family, health, and social factors contributing to child abuse and neglect, as well as protective factors that act to preserve the family and protect the child.

3.5 Student demonstrates an understanding of basic child development and how developmental level affects a child’s perception of events, coping strategies, and physical and psychological responses to stress and trauma.

5.5 Student demonstrates understanding of how the strengths perspective and empowerment approaches can positively influence growth, development and behavior change.

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