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AB12 Overview

Level: Advanced Practice – Lineworker, Supervisor, Manager

Credits: 3 hours

Intended Audience: This training provides a comprehensive overview of AB12, quality transition planning and benefits available for non-minor dependent youth and is intended for child welfare staff

Description of Course: California’s Fostering Connections to Success Act (AB12) has been in effect since January 1, 2012. Its stated purpose is simple – extend benefits to eligible foster youth beyond their 18th birthday – but its application has caused a great deal of confusion, distress and inconsistencies. This half-day workshop, designed specifically for Imperial County’s child welfare professionals, will allow participants to understand:

Legislation’s Intent and Overview
Child Welfare Worker’s Role in Transition Planning
Benefits and Eligibility Essentials
Legal Process

Participants will also have the opportunity to identify and work through the particular challenges they are experiencing as a result of the legislation and its implementation mandates, in a combined lecture and facilitated discussion format.

Intended Objectives:

Understand the Federal Fostering Connection to Success Act, AB12 and the 2011 Budget Bill
Understand the benefits available to non-minor dependent youth and caregivers
Enable CW workers to transition non-minor dependent youth on their caseloads to adulthood
Recognize the importance of youth engagement to the success of AB12

Topics Include:

The definition of a non-minor dependent youth
Recognizing and understanding the benefits available to non-minor dependent youth in extended foster care
Being able to guide and direct the non-minor dependent youth through the benefits eligibility process
The role of the social workers as advocates for the non-dependent minor youth
Understand what quality transition planning looks like for non-minor dependent youth
The importance of being youth centered and strength based in order for AB12 to be successful in each county
The importance of a Youth Peer Mentor as facilitator or teacher

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