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Stipend Recipient's Biography

Shannon Patel

Shannon is currently an intern at Glenner Memory Care Centers at their dementia specific adult day program branch in Hillcrest. She loves that her field work allows her to work closely not only with older adults with Alzheimer’s Disease or other Dementias, but also with their caregivers. Throughout this year, she will be leading a weekly caregiver support group as well as developing a resource meeting to help inform family caregivers of what they can expect as their loved one’s dementia progresses, as well as the resources available to them in the community. When she is not supporting caregivers, she will be building relationships with the day program participants, conducting evaluations to monitor their mental and cognitive health, and helping to implement new activity programming grounded in reminiscence therapy. Glenner Memory Care Centers is working to create a new, innovative model for dementia day programming, and she is thrilled to be a part of the organization at such an exciting time. As an intern, she will be helping to pilot elements of this initiative and collect data to support the decisions that go into this new model of care. Her hope is to continue working with older adults with dementia and their families after graduation and continue to look at innovative ways to provide a higher quality of life for people in their golden years.

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