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Recovery Support Coordinator / Care Coordinator (Pilot)


Recovery Support Coordinator / Care Coordinator (Pilot)
The Academy for Professional Excellence – Responsive Integrated Health Solutions (RIHS)
San Diego, CA 92120

Hourly rate: $20 / hour
Full-time (40 hours per week), five-month position, eligible for health and wellness benefits



The Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) Services Coordinator is a full-time position assigned to support the transition of individuals in custody at County Correctional Facilities to community-based harm reduction and treatment services when they are released. The MAT Services Coordinator will coordinate, manage and monitor services to participants, assuring the best outcomes from incarceration and continuing into MAT and reintegration back into the community. This position will require interacting with county community partners, welfare services, treatment services for people in custody and any other resources that will enhance the jail’s Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). In this pilot program, our MAT Services Coordinator will provide release planning for detainees upon their release from Las Colinas. This is based on the determination that MAT services and community resources will be required when the detainee is released from corrections.



  • The care coordinator will meet with each person in custody who is inducted into MAT
    services during the pre-release phase to ensure that the treatment is available in the
    – The pre-release phase varies and can be unpredictable, however ideally the Care
    Coordinator will meet a few times with each MAT participant.
  • The care coordinator will acquire intake appointments and assist the participant (a
    person in custody for whom MAT services are being coordinated) to identify and
    address barriers to treatment and recovery in the community.
    – Use frequently updated BHS website to make key community-wide referrals
    and provide a community contact card to the MAT services participant.



  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with HHSA medical leadership and
    community service providers to meet stabilization needs of MAT participants.
  • Assist in development, support and progress of service plan coordination for MAT
  • Develop rehabilitative and discharge methods unique to population and program
    goals. May provide naloxone in the course of providing services.
  • Maintain accurate progress notes and data identifying needs, strengths and gaps in
    services. Willing to use EHR (Electronic Health Record), SANWITS or CCBH if available.
  • Serve as liaison between County Correctional Facility’s medical, custody and
    Community Partners regarding service coordination for MAT participants.
  • Assist those receiving MAT services to obtain Medi-Cal/insurance, working hand-in-hand with existing in-reach services and with those who are on supervision (probation, parole) since Reentry Services does Medi-Cal enrollment.
  • Follow up to verify engagement in identified services and provide support to connect
    the participant and provider if needed.
  • Promote and engage healthy family relationships.
  • Maintain a log of all MAT participants, tracking how many are on methadone,
    Suboxone or other medications used for MAT.
  • Accomplish timely and appropriate discharge plans through assessment of the
    participant’s post-release needs and the provision of services necessary to meet those
  • Act as a liaison between correctional healthcare providers and community agencies
    and healthcare providers
  • Collaborate and coordinate with all applicable parties (e.g., social work, medical,
    security) for release planning.
  • Update and maintain accurate information and records related to the participant’s discharge planning
  • Inform, coordinate and advise all applicable parties regarding participant discharge planning.
  • Maintain accurate and timely records related to release planning, including active files of available community resources to facilitate the release planning
  • Develop database and files of available community resources to facilitate the
    discharge planning process.
  • Coordinate care closely with security staff while maintaining a positive, collaborative
  • Deliver care in a nonjudgmental/non-discriminatory manner to protect the autonomy,
    dignity and rights of the participant
  • Understand and comply with safety and security rules and regulations of the
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.




  • Certification as a Peer Support Specialist
  • Trained and experienced in using Motivational Interviewing (MI), ASAM, COWS, and ASI screening and assessment tools
  • Experience in human services work (preferred: experience working with individuals in criminal justice system and/or recovery from substance use disorder)
  • Satisfactory completion of required background screenings
  • Ability to pass all required health and other screening tests
  • Case management or care coordination experience
  • Respect for the confidential nature of all information you are exposed to working directly with protected health information /electronically stored protected health information, personally identifiable information, and other participants/consumer/customer data
  • Knowledge of transition from jail to the community


Preferred Qualifications

  • Lived experience
  • Experience working with individuals in criminal justice system
  • Completed Peer Support Specialist training and work hours (paid or unpaid)
  • Maintains an active Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification
  • Experience with enrolling applicants in Medi-Cal, connected with CalAIMS (forthcoming expansion to improve continuum of care)
  • Substance Use Disorder Counselor (CADC, CADT, or equivalent)
  • Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, social work, psychology or related behavioral health field


Required Skills:

  • Communicating effectively
  • Building collaborative relationships
  • Valuing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment
  • Striving for self-development and taking initiative to be resourceful
  • Problem-solving both independently and with others
  • Strong verbal, written communication skills and organizational skills
  • Extensive knowledge of San Diego County community-based service organizations
  • Ability to coordinate service delivery in multidisciplinary environment which provides
    services to those returning to the community from County Correctional Facilities,
    specifically Las Colinas
  • Ability to work as member of the medical and custody management team
  • Proficiency with computer applications, including Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Google Drive and other basic computer
  • Ability to thrive in fast-paced environment
  • Strong time management skills and ability to prioritize tasks necessary to accomplish
  • Excellent critical thinking and assessment skills
  • Ability to make decisions independently
  • Assertive, empathetic and able to provide care objectively
  • Strong interpersonal communication and customer service skills
  • Capable of preparing written reports
  • Keeps participant information confidential and respects the participant’s right to
  • Must be mature, flexible, intellectually alert, able to command the respect and
    confidence of participants and staff, and philosophically committed to the objectives
    of expanding MAT Services in the County’s justice system
  • Promotes culture of safety for participants and employees through proper
    identification, reporting documentation, and prevention
  • Adheres to infection control policies and protocols, medication administration and
    storage procedures, and controlled substance regulations
  • Follows facility protocols and OSHA safety rules and procedures while on assignment
  • Maintains security clearance for the assigned facility.
  • Identifies and utilizes appropriate channels of communication


To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to Donovan Ackley III, Ph.D. at

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