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Pathways to Well-Being and Continuum of Care Reform eLearning

The Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM), Pathways to Well-Being, and Continuum of Care Reform outline the shared values, core components, and standards of practice expected from the professionals who serve San Diego County’s children, youth and families who have intensive behavioral health needs and are involved with the Child Welfare System.

This family-centered approach seeks to improve collaboration and communication among Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, and Juvenile Probation staff, as well as the children, youth and families they serve. Understanding this shared vision will help you to ensure that these comprehensive, strengths-based, culturally relevant, and trauma-informed supports and services are responsive to the strengths and underlying needs of those you serve.

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Overview of Children Youth and Families Behavioral Health Services BHE0028

Upon completion of this eLearning, you will be able to describe how Children, Youth and Families division of Behavioral Health Services fits into the larger organization of San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Agency, and describe the wide array of services delivered to the children, youth and families of San Diego (no CEs offered).

CWS 101: An Overview of Child Welfare Services (CWS) in San Diego County eLearning PCWTADL049

This eLearning course is an overview of San Diego County Child Welfare Services (CWS). The course reviews the purpose, philosophy, values and general protocols as well as the tools, terms and abbreviations used in San Diego County Child Welfare Services.

Pathways to Well-Being eLearning Booster BHE0067

This eLearning is designed to serve as a resource for Behavioral Health Services (BHS) providers. It includes strategies, resources and tools that will help you to navigate the requirements and paperwork, which ensure children and youth receive the best possible care.


Microlearning 1: What is CCR?
Microlearning 2: Why is Teaming so Important to CCR?
Microlearning 3: What will CCR provide to Youth?
Microlearning 4: What are Core Services?
Microelearning 5: Explaining CCR to Youth

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