CADRE Training

The CADRE Training series is a 5-day training which meets approximately every two weeks, and lasts over the course of about 10 weeks from the first date to the last date of the training. Participants are expected to commit to completing all 5 dates and times. This is an interactive series that will have homework for participants to complete within their agency, including site visits, and required eLearnings in order to complete the series. The expectation of CADRE is that once completed you will be a Change Agent who will be going back to your program and implementing the tools you have learned. This also includes regularly attending one of the handful of CADRE meetings. The CADRE Series is offered once per fiscal year.
In order to take the CADRE training series, you will need to have taken the 11-hour Introduction to Motivational Training either through RIHS or another program/agency.

Visit the CADRE San Diego website for more information.

Upcoming Training Series

Prerequisite to the CADRE series is completion of Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

Click here to view the updated RIHS Training Calendar.

CADRE Series XIX – Coming Soon!
Scheduled to begin in February 2019.

If you would like to be registered please contact your County of San Diego BHS COR. If you do not know who your COR is, please let your supervisor know you would like to be registered. Registration goes out through the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services (BHS) and is by invitation only.

CADRE Grandfathering

CADRE Members can mentor colleagues in their agency to become grandfathered as a Change Agent (CADRE graduate) by having them complete a checklist of activities that are equal to the training series. Click to download the Grandfathering Checklist Document.

For CADRE administrative meeting support please contact:

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