Structured Decision Making (SDM) 3.0

SDM 3.0 – What’s New

Structured Decision Making® (SDM) 3.0 and the upgraded webSDM application is around the corner – November 1, 2015. The Children’s Research Center (CRC) has communicated that counties are responsible for ensuring the training of existing staff for SDM 3.0 and webSDM. CWDS is here to support this effort and can help create a plan with you. Please feel free to reach out to your county consultant if you have questions.

CRC facilitated a dissemination webinar on August 20, 2015, where they guided attendees through developing strategies to ensure counties are prepared for November 1, 2015. See the recorded webinar to help you plan dissemination for your county.

SDM 3.0 – Resources

CWDS has developed this SDM 3.0 Resource page on our website to make CRCs training materials and resources available to our counties to help you get up to speed. This includes webinars, SDM 3.0 policy and procedures, new tools etc. Please note CRC anticipates release of additional webinars and training materials in late September early October, 2015.

Find out more on the CRC SDM Training Materials web site.
Username: California
Password: training
Location is in the menu list on the right hand side when opening, last choice under the header California SDM; SDM

California Structured Decision Making® (SDM) 3.0 Memo

WebSDM 3.0 Transition Resources for Trainers
CRC has created a new site to hold transition resources, including up-to-date versions of the training materials.

Click here to access the WebSDM 3.0 Transition Resources for Trainers

On this site we’ve also posted a link to the recorded webinar and a customizable trainer’s PowerPoint. We will continue to update it as materials change and new resources become available.


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