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Comprehensive, Culturally Approriate, and Competency-Based Workforce Development.

San Bernardino County Curriculum

This page houses curriculum for PCWTA deliveries to San Bernadino County

San Bernadino County Curriculum

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Foundation Block

Fairness and Equity

Key Issues in CW: Social Work as a Practicioner

Legal Procedures and Responsibilities

Orientation to Child Welfare Practice and Common Core 3.0

Teaming, Collaboration, and Transparency

Trauma Informed Practice

Values and Ethics in Cw Practice

Engagement Block

Engagement and Interviewing

Assessment Block

SDM Skills Lab Materials

Critical Thinking and Assessment Materials

CMI Skills Lab Materials

Assessing for Key Issues in CW Materials

Case Planning and Service Delivery Block

Case Planning in a Team Setting

Writing Behavioral Objectives

Monitoring and Adapting Block

Managing the Plan: Supporting Safety, Permanency, and Well-Being

Transition Block

Transition Practice

200 Level Classes

200 Level: Trauma-informed Practice and Key Issues in Child Welfare Practice Knowledge and Skill Reinforcement Lab

200 Level: Cultural Humility in Child Welfare Interviews: Ethnographic Interviewing

200 Level: Engagement Knowledge and Skills Reinforcement Lab: Interviewing Children

200 Level Assessment Block: SDM Assessment Knowledge and Skills Lab

200 Level: Knowledge & Skill Reinforcement Lab: Case Planning Service Delivery Block

200 Level: Managing Change Knowledge and Skills Reinforcement Lab

200 Level: Managing Transitions, Knowledge and Skills Reinforcement Lab



SOP Mod 1-Safety and Danger

SOP Mod 2-Small Voices Revised

SOP Mod 3-Solution Focused Inquiry

SOP Mod 4-Mapping

SOP Mod 5-Harm Danger and Safety Goal Statements

SOP Mod 6-Safety Networks

SOP Mod 7-Safety Planning

SOP Mod 8-Reunification and Visitation

SOP Mod 9-Permanency

SOP Mod 10-Landing SOP in Everyday Practice

SOP Mod 11-Organizational Environments

SOP Mod 12-Looking to the Future

SOP 2-Day Overview


Advanced SDM for Supervisors


Field Advisor Training



Please be advised that the curricula content and materials provided on this website are developed with public funds and are therefore available for public use.  If you choose to copy, download, or otherwise utilize any of the materials posted please be sure to cite the original source using the following citation: “© year. San Diego State University School of Social Work, Academy for Professional Excellence/Public Child welfare Academy. All rights reserved. Contact Academy for Professional Excellence for reproduction options.” 

If you modify and/or adapt any of these materials please include a statement in the presentation of the modified materials indicating that the content has been adapted with permission from Academy for Professional Excellence, Public Child Welfare Training Academy.

Also be advised that all curriculum and materials posted here may be subject to periodic revision and please be aware that any modifications to the curriculum materials posted here may impact the fidelity to the content of the curriculum and therefore may create challenges and impair the evaluation process.

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