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Comprehensive, Culturally Approriate, and Competency-Based Workforce Development.

Becoming a Contractor

CWDS is soliciting contractors who are experts and have experience in one or more areas of child welfare services. Most of our trainings are delivered in six-hour modules, although we do have some that are 3 hours (1/2 day), 9 hours (1-1/2 days), and 12 hours (2 days).

The Academy is most interested in contracting with those who are experienced and who use a variety of instructional methods appropriate for adult learners. All of our contractors must have significant experience in public child welfare services and/or the ability to relate the material being taught to public child welfare services practice.

An example of training topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Orientation to Child Welfare Practice and Common Core 3.0
  • Values and Ethics in Child Welfare Practice
  • Trauma-informed Practice
  • Key Issues in Child Welfare: Social Worker as Practitioner
  • Legal Procedures and Responsibilities
  • Fairness and Equity
  • Teaming, Collaboration, and Transparency
  • Trauma Informed Practice and Key Issues in Child Welfare Practice Knowledge and Skill Reinforcement Lab
  • Engagement and Interviewing
  • Engagement Knowledge and Skill Reinforcement Lab
  • Critical Thinking and Assessment
  • Child Maltreatment Identification Skills Lab
  • Structured Decision Making (SDM) Skills Lab
  • Assessing for Key Child Welfare Issues
  • Assessment Knowledge and Skills Reinforcement Lab
  • Writing Behavioral Objectives
  • Case Planning in a Team Setting
  • Case Planning and Service Delivery Knowledge and Skills Lab
  • Managing the Plan: Supporting Safety, Permanency and Well-being
  • Managing Change Knowledge and Skills Reinforcement Lab
  • Managing Transitions Knowledge and Skill Reinforcement Lab

*These courses must be trained according to the standardized curricula developed and approved by CalSWEC and CDSS.

If you are interested in becoming a CWDS contractor, you may contact the Curriculum Coordinator, Jenee Northcutt in the San Diego Administrative office: or by phone at (619) 594-7106.

You will be asked to supply the Academy with your:

  1. Resume or CV
  2. References (3-5 names and phone numbers)
  3. Copies of recent training evaluations (within the past 2 years) OR two letters of reference illustrating your training abilities
  4. Syllabus/Outline of the child welfare-related training courses you have trained

Additionally, if you are an employee of one of the seven counties served by the Academy for Professional Excellence you will also need to provide a letter of support from your supervisor or manager, indicating he/she approves of you training. (This letter should indicate your level of skill and practice at your present job and how you positively represent your county’s vision, mission, and goals).

Please send your information to:
Jenee Northcutt 

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