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Undue Influence Committed by Professionals eLearning

Case Planning

Involuntary Case Planning – Spectrum Version

In module one, you will learn how to identify involuntary interventions and when their use is appropriate. Module two focuses on ethical issues that arise when employing involuntary case plans. In module three, we look at all the information you need to collect and organize in order to make the case that an involuntary intervention is needed (1.5 CEs upon completion of 3-part eLearning).

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Involuntary Case Planning and Intervention Process Instructor-Led Training

In this engaging and highly interactive introductory training, participants learn to identify situations where the client’s safety takes precedence over the client’s right to self determination and how to think through making that determination. They will explore the ethical issues involved in these tough cases and learn how to document their decisions appropriately so that their decisions can be defended.

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Understanding APS

Ethics Values and Cultural Competence in APS eLearning

The purpose of this training is to “demystify” ethics, and offer a practical framework for ethical decision-making on the front lines (1.5 CEs).

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