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Framework for Determining Dependent Adult Status eLearning

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Determining if an individual is a dependent adult and is eligible for APS services is complicated. Many people confuse dependency with disability and think that if someone has a disability that person must be a dependent adult. But disability and dependency are not equivalents and having a disability does not automatically translate into being eligible for APS services. Dependency involves a disability, functional impairments, and an inability to protect one’s own interests. In addition, in order to be eligible for APS services there must be a need for protection and a link or nexus between the disability or functional impairments and the protection issue.

In this dynamic, interactive 90 minute online training, participants will utilize the Determining Dependent Adult Status Guide and Dependent Adult Definition Chart to work case scenarios. This training provides more clarity about what information to gather and guidance in interpreting it. The Framework presented will make the determination of dependency status easier and reduce the uncertainty associated with the process (1.5 CEs).

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