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Common Core 3.0

What is Common Core 3.0?

Common Core 3.0 is the result of a large-scale revision of the Common Core training materials for new Child Welfare Social Workers and Supervisors and was designed by CalSWEC with the support of the State of California, Regional Training Academies, and Community Partners. The first implementation of training commenced on all Lineworker Cores on January 1, 2016 and full implementation of all six blocks of Common Core 3.0 started on February 1st, 2017.

Common Core 3.0 uses multi-modality training delivered over several weeks that includes classroom learning, eLearning, and Field Activities to provide a variety of learning modalities and transfer of learning opportunities. CWDS offers Common Core 3.0 in various counties we serve according to a standardized plan. Trainings are facilitated by a number of different experts in the field of child welfare services who use a variety of teaching methods appropriate to an adult, professional audience.

Please see an overview of Common Core 3.0 on the CalSWEC website: Common Core 3.0 Overview.

If you have any questions or comments related to Common Core 3.0, please contact Jenee Northcutt at

Field Activities/Field Advisors

Field Activities were developed to support Transfer Of Learning (TOL) following Common Core classroom training.

Core 3.0 Field Activities

Field Advisor Training

Field Advisor Training is a one-day training to ensure the foundational knowledge and skills are obtained for field advisors implementing core field activities.

Field Advisor Training eLearning

The Field Advisor training elearning is designed to provide field advisors in California with information about Common Core 3.0 training, the California Core Practice Model, and the role field advisors play in supporting the transfer of learning for new social workers.

Coaching Fundamentals for Child Welfare Field Advisors

Coaching Fundamentals for Child Welfare Field Advisors is a one-day training designed to provide foundational coaching knowledge and skills for child welfare field advisors implementing Common Core 3.0 field activities.


For questions about field activities/field advisor training, contact Nichole Diggs at

Resources for Trainers

CalSWEC has a Trainer Development page that includes block webinars, materials, and access to a Trainer Discussion board.

Trainer should direct any feedback surrounding curriculum, content, or any concerns about Common Core 3.0 to CalSWEC’s dedicated feedback link. 

California Core Practice Model

California Core Practice Model Webpage

Cultural Humility and Responsiveness

Cultural Humility – A Lifelong Practice
Cultural Humility: People, Principles and Practices (Video)

ICWA Resources

Indian Child Welfare Act
A Practical Guide to the Indian Child Welfare Act

Safety Organized Practice Resources

SOP Handout Booklet
SOP Blog

SDM Resources

Structured Decision Making (SDM) 3.0 Webpage


Common Core 3.0 Trainer’s Forum

CWDS held a Common Core 3.0 Trainer’s Forum  on 11/10/2015. This webinar outlines the most recent information available surrounding Common Core 3.0, including: review of updates on development and implementation of Common Core 3.0, identifying the timeline for full implementation of the curriculum, identifying the components of Common Core 3.0, discussion of common successes and challenges in implementing Common Core 3.0, and discuss implications for trainers who are training current 2.0 versions of Common Core. Additionally, trainers were able to discuss questions and concerns.

Trainer’s Forum Statewide Common Core 3.0 Recorded Webinar – May 1, 2014

Intended Audience: This webinar is intended for trainers and staff development officers who wish to have updated information on the ongoing development of the Statewide Standardized Common Core 3.0

Description: The webinar will cover an update on the development of the Statewide Standardized Common Core 3.0, the Lineworker Core that is taught to all new social workers in California.

Topics Include:

  • Current status of Common Core 3.0 in development
  • Review of eLearning, classroom training and field activities for Common Core 3.0
  • Review of timeline of development and pilots of the blocks
  • Benefits and challenges in the spectrum delivery for counties
  • Implications for trainers who currently train Common Core 2.0+

Get Started on Curriculum

Common Core 3.0 Curriculum can be accessed on the CalSWEC website.

The Common Core for Social Workers Toolkit can be accessed on the CalSWEC website.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) team developed a how-to for Taking Core 3.0 eLearning in CWDS LMS. This document can help anyone who would like to register for a Common Core 3.0 eLearning.

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