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The Effects of Trauma and Abuse on Child Development: The Adolescent eLearning

Level: Advanced Practice – Lineworker, Supervisor

Credits: 1

Intended Audience: This self-paced eLearning module is for child welfare staff who want to obtain information on the effects of abuse and trauma on adolescents

Description of Course: This course will cover a brief review of adolescent development and the impact of trauma and abuse on development. Topics such as adolescent development in a cultural context and assessing and treatment of trauma symptoms and behaviors in adolescents will be covered.

Intended Objectives:

  • Review adolescent development and recognize how trauma effects development, to include cultural and gender differences
  • Recognize the misdiagnosis and under-diagnosis of trauma in adolescents
  • Identify risk factors associated with adolescent trauma
  • Identify sub-groups of adolescents at increased risk for further trauma
  • Identify strategies for effective engagement and empowerment of adolescents
  • Value and integrate effective, trauma-informed interventions with adolescents

Topics Include:

  • Brief review of child developmental framework with a focus on adolescent development
  • Adolescent development in a cultural context
  • Trauma and its impact on adolescent development
  • Protective and mitigating factors regarding the impact of trauma
  • Mental Health Issues – under and misdiagnosis of trauma in adolescents who have been abused
  • Sub-groups of adolescents and special considerations
  • Trauma informed assessment and care
  • Engaging adolescents in seeking help for trauma issues
  • Trauma-focused treatment and care
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