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Having A Sexual Health Conversation With Youth In Care

Level:        Advanced Practice (Lineworkers, Supervisors, Managers)

Credits:        6

Intended Audience:  Designed for Child Welfare workers and anyone else that comes into regular contact with youth in care.

Description of Course: This workshop proposes that to effectively reduce current rates of unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and non-consensual or exploitative sexual circumstances among dependent youth in care requires thinking beyond traditional approaches. This innovative, harm-reduction model focuses on preparing behavioral health and child welfare workers to have a sexual “health” conversation with youth. This presentation will introduce sexual health conversation tools such as suspending judgments, sexual health principles and sexual health terminology.

Intended Objectives:

  • Describe the contextual history and significance of the term sexual health
  • Integrate San Diego County DCFS Foster Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health 
Policy with the Fundamental Elements of Sexual Health
  • Review attendees own personal attitude and beliefs around human sexuality
  • Demonstrate the ability to suspend judgment withinthe workplace when having a sexual health conversation
  • Define and differentiate the six fundamentals of sexual health
  • Define and operationalize 7 key sexual health vocabulary terms
  • Describe how to find and utilize key sexual health resources

Topics Include:

  • The World Health Organization’s Definition of Sexual Health
  • Suspending Judgment
  • Sexual Health Terminology
  • San Diego County DCFS Policies on Sexual Health
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health Resources
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