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Safety and Risk in Teams – CORE 3.0 – Field Activity

Level: Line Worker CORE

Credits: 2

Intended Audience: This course is intended for new child welfare workers and meets the state requirements for Line Worker CORE version 3.0 Assessment Block.

Description of Course: Working closely with a field advisor, this course offers the trainee an opportunity to participate in a team meeting with a family on his/her caseload. This may include a TDM, safety mapping, Child Family Team meeting, or any other meeting that brings the family together with the child welfare agency to discuss safety and safety planning. At the conclusion of the meeting, the trainee will have participated in developing a plan that ensures safety for the child/youth.

Intended Objectives: After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the safety and risk assessment information that teams need to develop safety plans
  • Identify strategies for how to engage the family in the process
  • Develop a safety plan with a child and family team
  • Value the role of the team in developing a safety plan

Topics Include:

  • Before the Practice Activity: Gather balanced information about the family and the issue to be discussed.
  • During the Practice Activity: Create open and honest communication with the family and the family team including being transparent about the purpose of the meeting; engage the family in discussing their concerns; actively participate in the meeting providing relevant information; discuss information from the safety and risk assessment tools; promote self- advocacy; develop a safety plan with the family; explore team member roles to strengthen and support the family.
  • After the Practice Activity: Reflect on use of safety and risk assessment tools during the meeting; reflect on your efforts to engage the family in the meeting process and safety planning; reflect on the safety plan including the follow-up needed by the social worker to support the plan.
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