Comprehensive, Culturally Approriate, and Competency-Based Workforce Development.

CWDS Curriculum


Level:             Advanced Practice – (Lineworker or Supervisor)

Credits:          3 Hours

 Intended Audience:  Course is intended for Lineworkers or supervisors to integrate culture and diversity into daily practice

Description of Course: In the population served by child welfare institutions across the country, workers must identify various resources to assist clients in achieving their best outcomes which frequently requires workers to set aside their own personal goals, values and beliefs. This highly interactive workshop begins with a focus on participant self-awareness of his/her own identity and its strengths, challenges and resources and then moves to the application of this awareness in working with clients, youth, children, colleagues and other community partners, using a framework of building blocks for a healthy cultural identity. As part of the awareness, participants will review the culture continuum from awareness to humility and value its impact in their respective roles, including practical steps for activating this concept into daily practice

The general construction of the workshop process is: 20% large group discussion/presentation, 20% self-reflection/assessment, 35% small group activity, 25% dyad/triad skills practice.

Intended Objectives:

  • Understand the need for integrating culture and diversity into practice
  • Clarify differences between awareness, diversity, competency and humility
  • Define common terms and terminology
  • Consider various components of cultural identity
  • Identify influences on building blocks to healthy cultural identity formation
  • Self-identify cultural identity and identify cultural strengths and resources
  • Discuss the impact of “privilege”
  • Practice engaging in cultural conversations
  • Practice activating the concept into practical daily practice

 Topics Include:

  • Integrating culture and diversity into practice
  • Awareness, diversity, competence, and humility
  • Components of cultural identity
  • Building blocks to healthy cultural identity formation
  • Impact of “privilege”
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