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Fatherhood Engagement: Connecting to the “Whole” Dad

Level: Advanced Practice – Lineworker, Supervisor, Manager

Credits: 6

Intended Audience: This course is for Lineworkers, Supervisors and Managers who wish to better understand strategies for engaging fathers

Description of Course: A focus on fatherhood engagement in Child Welfare is going viral across the country. Social service professionals are recognizing the need to connect with fathers as it relates to their involvement in planning and executing their case plans. This training will share strategies and tools that focus on using a coach’s approach to engage and build proactive relationships with fathers who are involved in the Child Welfare system, and co-creating a plan for their success.

Intended Objectives:

  • Understand and describe the limited beliefs that social service professionals have regarding fathers and the limited beliefs fathers have with Child Welfare
  • Share multiple ways to gain a father’s trust, respect, and confidence in you
  • Ask powerful questions that lead the father to a favorable solution
  • Communicate to the father’s whole being
  • Use a coach approach to engaging fathers

Topics Include:

  • How to gain a father’s trust, respect, and confidence in you so that you can get their full involvement
  • How to ask powerful questions and
  • Overcoming your limited beliefs of fathers and stereotyping and co-creating a plan with the father and allowing him to lead the development and execution of the plan
  • Coaching Techniques for partnering with fathers
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