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Crisis Intervention with Non Minor Dependent Youth (Coaching)

Level: Advanced Practice – Lineworker and Supervisor

Credits: 2.5 hours

Intended Audience: Social Workers and Supervisors who work with older teens and Non-Minor Dependents

Description of Course: The course will cover Crisis Intervention strategies for working with this population. This Part 2 and 3 of a three part training on this topic. Participants must have taken Part 1 (webinar) prior to taking Part 2 and 3. Part 2 consists of an assignment to observe/engage skills in handling a crisis with a youth. Part 3 consists of reporting out assignment activities and receiving coaching/feedback in a 1.5 hour coaching session.

Intended Objectives:

  • Participants will discuss the limits of their role in working with Non Minor Dependent Youth
  • Participants will discuss how “crisis” situations present opportunities for relationship building in the EC model
  • Participants will demonstrate reflective listening
  • Participants will apply the EC model in working with one Non Minor Dependent on his/her caseload
  • Participants will appreciate the difference between a case manager and consultant
  • Participants will value how displaying empathy can de-escalate Non Minor Dependents in “crisis”
  • Participate in a coaching session on crisis intervention skills and receive feedbackfrom a coach.

Topics Include:

  • The nature of Crisis and typical responses
  • The Social Worker’s role in assisting clients through crisis situations (acute phase, outward adjustment phase, integration phase)
  • The steps involved in Emotion Coaching and how it applies to Crisis Intervention
  • Application of the EC model in working with one Non Minor Dependent Youth
  • The importance of maintaining empathy while avoiding subjective involvement in the crisis
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