Comprehensive, Culturally Approriate, and Competency-Based Workforce Development.

CWDS Curriculum


Level: Advanced Practice – Lineworker, Supervisor, Manager

Credits: 12

Intended Audience: This training is intended for supervisors, managers, practice leaders, coaches, field trainers and others who support skill development or application in the child welfare field

Description of Course: Coaching Fundamentals for Child Welfare Leaders is a two-day training designed to provide foundational coaching knowledge and skills for child welfare leaders. Consultants with recent child welfare practice and leadership experience, adult learning theory, and workforce development expertise, and experience delivering and implementing coaching in counties across California designed the training curriculum and will provide the training delivery. The training provides an overview of the use and value of coaching to develop skills in child welfare practitioners and it includes skill practice activities that allow trainees to leave the training with the capacity to begin using coachingimmediately. It is highly recommended for transfer of learning that this training is followed by a series of skill practice activities and 6 group supervision webinars (to be delivered two per month for three months) to support trainees in mastering coaching skills.

Intended Objectives:

  • Understand the value of coaching in developing child welfare skills
  • Review and be able to describe the structure of a successful coaching session
  • Appreciate and identify three different ways of interacting with a learner (reflective listening, appreciative inquiry and skill-building)
  • Be able to practice and use at least two new tools in a coaching session
  • Review what is needed to train and support coaching in child welfare and develop a plan to attend to these needs to support implementation
  • Review organizational and leadership drivers and identify actions leaders can take to support the implementation of coaching

Topics Include:

  • Tenets of coaching
  • Structure of a coaching session
  • Coaching skills
  • Implementation and implementation drivers
  • Coaching to support implementation of new programs
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