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California Continuum of Care Reform Microlearning Series

Title:  California Continuum of Care Reform Microlearning Series

Audience: Child Welfare, Probation and Behavioral Health Staff who work with children and caregivers in the foster care system

Training Credit: .5 provided upon completion of all 5. Credit is provided by county training staff upon receipt of the certificate of completion at the end of the 5th eLearning.

ML #1

Title: What is CCR?

Topic: An Overview of CCR

Learning Objective: Identify the primary goals of CCR. Identify the legislation supporting CCR

ML #2

Title: Why is Teaming Important?

Topic: Child and Family Teams

Learning Objective: Identify who should be on the team. Describe three reasons why teaming is important. List when teams must be convened per the legislation.

ML #3

Title: What is new in the continuum of placement options?

Topic: Different Placement Options under CCR

Learning Objective: Identify at least 2 new placement options under CCR. List the placement limits of STRTP. Identify two strategies to increase family home placements.

ML #4

Title: What are core services?

Topic: Identify Core Services in CCR

Learning Objective: Identify at least 4 core service areas and corresponding activities. Identify at least 2 providers of core services.

ML #5

Title: How do we explain CCR to youth?

Topic: Importance of Discussing CCR with in youth friendly terms.

Learning Objective: Describe definitions of CCR in youth friendly terms. Identify which youth will be impacted by CCR. Identify three positive impacts of CCR for youth.

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