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Resources listed below are those produced by the San Diego State University School of Social Work Academy for Professional Excellence and are protected by copyright. Permission to use materials should be requested by email at and appropriate credit given to the resource’s funders and the Academy.

For links to related websites and training curricula please see the Academy Program pages by clicking on the links in the menu bar to the left or by clicking on one of the program links next to the resource.

Assessment Tools
Checklists and Program Tips
Journal Articles
Literature Reviews
Program Tools
Quality Assurance and Training Evaluation
e-learning Open to All
Mobile Applications

Assessment Tools

COST Co-Occurring Screening Tool– BHETA
Curriculum Review EBP Guidelines
Screening Guidelines for Evidence-Based Research and Practice
Trainer Observation and Evaluation Form - PCWTA

Checklists and Program Tips

Judges Checklist - Tribal STAR
Provides an overview of current issues facing Tribal youth, and is designed to assist Judges in making culturally responsive determinations in cases involving Tribal youth.

Program Tips – provide guidance for working with tribal communities and tribal youth
Practical Suggestions for Non-Indian (Child Welfare) Workers & Newcomers to Tribal Communities - Tribal STAR
Positive Outcomes from a Tribal Perspective- Tribal STAR
Recommendations for Developing and Maintaining Tribal Relationships - Tribal STAR
Tips For Cross Cultural Training - Tribal STAR
Tips for Protocol When Working with Tribal Communities- Tribal STAR
Tips for Cross-Cultural Training Tribal STAR (long version) - Tribal STAR

Child Development Milestones –Provides a comprehensive list of child development milestones including normal physical development, activities that promote healthy growth and developmental concerns.
Child Development Milestones Resource

Child Development Milestones Handout

Quality Improvement Project for Psychotropic Medication Use (QIP)
This is a collaboration with our partners at the Department of Health Care Services to try and address the use of psychotropic medication in the foster youth community.
Questions to Ask About Medications
Foster Youth Mental Health Bill of Rights

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Journal Articles

Packard, T., & Jones, L. (2015). An outcomes evaluation of a leadership development initiative. Journal of Management Development34(2).

Packard, T., & Jones, L. (2014) A tool for evaluating leadership development initiative: From satisfaction to outcomes. Training and Development in Human Services 8(1):67-78

Coloma, J., Gibson, C., Jones, L., Packard, T., Rahiser, P., Tucker-Tatlow, J. (2014). A leadership development initiative for eight county human service agencies: results after nine years, Training and Development in Human Services. 8(1), 78-87.

Giardina, K. M. (2013). Using strengths-based leadership to improve the child welfare systemJournal of Family Strengths, 13(1), 7.

Packard, T., Patti, R., Daly, D., & Tucker-Tatlow, J. (2013). Implementing services integration and interagency collaboration: experiences in seven counties. Administration in Social Work, 37(4), 356-371.

Coloma, J., Gibson, C., & Packard, T. (2012). Participant outcomes of a leadership development initiative in eight human service organizations. Administration in Social Work, 36(1), 4-22.

Lidot, T., Orrantia, R.M., & Choca, M. (2012). Continuum of readiness for collaboration, ICWA compliance, and reducing disproportionality. Child Welfare, Special Issue: Services for Native American Children and Families in North America, 91(3), 65-87.

Packard, T., Patti, R., Daly, D., & Tucker-Tatlow, J. (2012). Organizational change for services integration in public human service organizations: Experiences in seven counties. Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, 34(4), 471.

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Literature Reviews by Topic

Administration of Health and Human Services
23-Hour Assessment Centers - SACHS
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) - SACHS
Teleworking in Human Services - SACHS
Child Welfare Social Worker Recruitment and Retention: Influential Factors and Promising Practices - SACHS
Differential Response: Effective Prevention and Intervention Models; Implementation and Financing - SACHS

Child Welfare
Review of Child Welfare Risk Assessments - SACHS
Open Juvenile Dependency Courts - SACHS
Literature Review on Father Engagement in Child Welfare
Child Maltreatment Fatalities-Risk Factors and Lessons Learned - SACHS

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
Information on the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) - Tribal STAR

Tribal Youth
Bringing Them Back: A Tribal Perspective on Returning Youth - Tribal STAR
Tribal STAR Drumbeats Newsletter - Tribal STAR

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Program Tools

Public Child Welfare Training Academy Trainer Development Policy - PCWTA
Developed to provide support to new and experienced Public Child Welfare Training Academy (PCWTA) trainers in fulfilling the mission of the Academy for Professional Excellence. The policy includes Trainer Induction, Trainer Development, Trainer Recognition, Individual Trainer Development Plan, and Trainer Development Evaluation – Policy & Procedures

Transfer of Learning Guide
“Transfer of Learning” is the degree to which trainees apply the knowledge, skills, and values learned in training when they return to the job, and the degree to which the new learning is maintained over time. As a training institute, the Academy works to ensure all Academy trainings focus on and promote transfer of learning. The Transfer of Learning Guide was developed to assist curriculum developers and trainers by providing an overview of transfer of learning and its importance for training, strategies to increase transfer of learning, and examples of transfer of learning activities.

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In-Home Supportive Services: Descriptive Data Report 2013
In-Home Supportive Services: Descriptive Data Report 2012 - SACHS
In-Home Supportive Services: Descriptive Data Report 2011 - SACHS
CalWORKs and Food Stamps Programs: A Comparison of SACHS Counties Applications and Cases (2007-2010)- SACHS
Review of the Research: Call Centers and Web-based Eligibility Systems - SACHS
Disaster Preparedness/Response/Recovery Resources - SACHS

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Quality Assurance and Training Evaluation

Quality Assurance and Training Evaluation Page - Description of multi-level evaluation methodology used by the Academy to evaluate our trainings including sample tools for each level of evaluation.

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Tribal Youth
Posters - Tribal STAR
Sixteen posters containing images relevant to Native Americans, including ancient proverbs and sayings, pictures of Native American children, leaders, and tribal object/symbols
Tribal Youth Resiliency PowerPoint - Tribal STAR

The Tribal STAR Digital Stories - Tribal STAR
DVD with three personal accounts of being touched by the child welfare system.

Tribal STAR Resource CD Ordering Information - Tribal STAR
Contains education resources that support increased cross-cultural understanding including a compendium of articles, Tribal STAR training materials including curriculum, workbooks, the Reflections journal, posters and related power point presentations. It also contains related resources, articles, maps, and information to support further understanding and collaboration among providers of services to Tribal foster youth. The modules focus on Behavior, Practice, and Policy. Click here to request a copy of the CD.

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e-learning Open to All

Supervisor's Role in the Transfer of Learning to the Workplace
Click here to access the Supervisor's Role in TOL eLearning

Training Evaluation and Construction - Identify training evaluation strategies and methods and construct exam questions- Click here to view the Training Evaluation and Construction eLearning

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Mobile Apps

smart phone

Click on the links below to download the latest android mobile applications or view a browser-based version of the latest mobile applications on your iPhone, Blackberry or Windows mobile device.

(Note: for iPhone apps using Safari, use two fingers to scroll through the text field. Learn about two-finger scrolling.)

Academy for Professional Excellence Overview
Academy for Professional Excellence Overview Android App
Academy for Professional Excellence iPhone App

Assess Risk in Intimate Partner Violence
Assess Risk in IPV android App
Assess Risk in IPV iPhone App

Basic Interviewing for Social Workers
Basic Interviewing for Social Workers Andriod App
Basic Interviewing for Social Workers iPhone App

Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking android app
Critical Thinking iPhone app

Cultural Competency for Behavioral Health Services
Android App Cultural Competency for Behavioral Health Services

CAT Tools Definitions
CAT Tools Definitions Android App
CAT Tools Definitions iPhone App

Child Development Milestones
Child Development Milestones Android App
Child Deveopment Milestones iPhone App

Definiciones básicas de Recursos de Seguridad Organizada (siglas en inglés SOP)
Definiciones básicas de Recursos de Seguridad Organizada Andriod App
Definiciones básicas de Recursos de Seguridad Organizada iPhone App

Elements of Child Sexual Abuse
Elements of Child Sexual Abuse Andriod App
Elements of Child Sexual Abuse iPhone App

ICWA Guide
ICWA Guide Android App
ICWA Guide iPhone App

Keys to Engagement
Keys to Engagement Andriod App
Keys to Engagement iPhone App

Safety Organized Practice Tool
Safety Organized Practice Tool Android App
Safety Organized Practice iPhone App

Safety Planning in Intimate Partner Violence
Safety Planning in IPV android App
Safety Planning in IPV iPhone App

W&I Codes for CWS
W&I Codes for CWS Android App
W&I Codes for CWS iPhone App

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