Creating Connection, Culture, Community and Resources for Tribal Foster Youth

The Tribal STAR Digital Stories

The Tribal STAR Digital Stories is a DVD that contains three personal accounts of being touched by the child welfare system. Paul’s Story: Forever Hurt is an account of a father who’s daughter was affected by both the state and Indian Child welfare systems. Wakeem’s Story: Finding Connection is an account of a challenged Tribal youth who is reconnecting with heritage and tribal relations. Justine’s Story: For Future Generations is shared from the perspective of a Tribal youth, who has been touched by state and Indian Child welfare systems, she gives advice to case managers and other youth on the journey.

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Finding Connection by Wakeem

Questions by Wakeem

For Future Generations by Justine

Questions by Justine

Forever Hurt by Paul

Questions by Paul


The Academy for Professional Excellence is committed to respecting the privacy of any client, family member or individual referred to in this product. We have discussed confidentiality and privacy with the individual/s that are included in this product and are satisfied that they understand their rights. Please honor their willingness to share their story and assist us in maintaining their dignity and their privacy.